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TSMC grab core customers 8 inch wafer capacity explosion

Foundry TSMC 8 inch full capacity, grabbed SMIC customers in Sweden Fingerprint Cards (FPC) fingerprint identification chip is currently large capacity certification, everything goes smoothly, the first quarter of 2017 cast piece, because FPC is the largest supplier of China fingerprint identification chip, market share as high as 70%, 2017 the amount packed with TSMC 8 inch capacity, future annual revenues of 5% to 10% growth rate can be easily touchdown.
The main chip of FPC fingerprint identification in core international cooperation between the two sides, about two years, the investment amount, enough to fill the Fab capacity, fingerprint identification chip is one of the core product construction as the focus, FPC is the core of big customers. According to the China mobile phone industry pointed out that with the FPC is stable in the Chinese mobile phone market, a 2014 is still a loss, in 2015 China shine, turnaround company, FPC for yield are increasingly high requirements.
Because the FPC fingerprint identification chip circuit design in the area of the 8 inch wafer can output more than 300 groups of chips, while interbank even can produce 650 chip, the same wafer area, FPC less yield and yield quality problems have gradually surfaced, and core 8 inch yield is always unstable, forcing FPC to actively seek second party suppliers (second source).
At present FPC is TSMC 8 inch wafer production certification, hopefully, in the first quarter of next year to vote, the vote in the first high-end chip TSMC, the future will gradually transfer to the orders from SMIC TSMC production. According to FPC's previous press conference pointed out that the company can be identified in 2014 fingerprint chip market share of 45%, in 2015 was as high as 50% to 70%.
Nomura Securities Industry analysis further pointed out that last year, FPC has a market share of up to 90% in the Chinese market, a dominant position in the fingerprint identification chip market. Customers include: HUAWEI, cool, Meizu, ZTE, LG and other mobile phone manufacturers in china. Therefore, the industry is expected to turn a large amount of FPC, is bound to plug the explosion of TSMC 8 inch capacity, but also indirectly led to the design of IC orders out further to the world advanced.
Data show that in 2016 the global demand for fingerprint identification chip about 498 million, an increase of about 40%, is expected in 2017 the global fingerprint identification chip will exceed 700 million, nearly 50% of the world's smart phone equipped with fingerprint recognition function.

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