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Identified! Xiamen power plant next year can be imported 28nm

Wafer foundry recently said in the law, exposing its 14nm process will be slightly smaller production in the first half of next year. The outside world is expected, based on land technology must be Taiwan N - 1 generations of the provisions of the company's Xiamen core 12 inch plant at the end of this year to the volume of the 40 / 55 nm production, next year will be able to apply for the introduction of the 28 nanometer metric.
UMC recently held ", announced that its third quarter earnings, with revenues of 38 billion 160 million yuan, quarter by 3.2%, net profit per share of 0.24 yuan, while the 28 nm process revenue contribution of up to 21%, is imported for the first time more than 20%, mainly from the telecommunications market demand.
In addition, Xiamen leadcore 12 inch plant will also be in the fourth quarter production, initial 40 / 55 nm Cheng Jingyuan foundry services, is an important milepost depending on the company's semiconductor supply chain, as the breakthrough, the rapid growth of new business opportunities and master.

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