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Wuxi after the establishment of 10 billion integrated circuit investment funds in Kunshan!

For the implementation of the national integrated circuit development strategy, to further accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industry, the introduction of Kunshan Development Zone "on the Kunshan Development Zone, the development of the integrated circuit industry comments (Trial)", adopted a number of initiatives to promote the development of the integrated circuit industry.
First, the establishment of industrial funds to guide social investment. The establishment of a scale of 10 billion yuan Kunshan Strait integrated circuit industry investment fund, the initial start of $1 billion. As a parent fund to guide social capital, industrial capital and financial capital to invest in the integrated circuit industry; growth and market prospect of direct investment, drive industrialization project effect and strong demonstration effect (enterprise) major projects and key technology and public technology platform; foreign mergers and acquisitions, overseas acquisitions or part of the acquisition of a certain size and the innovation ability of enterprises, the introduction of more mature research achievements in the development zone.
Two innovative financial support to give credit tilt. Encourage banking institutions to give credit to tilt to the integrated circuit enterprises, set up a special integrated circuit design of the integrated circuit industry loans, financial products, support government financing guarantee institutions for small and medium-sized enterprises to provide loan guarantees for integrated circuit.
Three is to arrange special funds to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. To rent and purchase subsidies for integrated circuit enterprises located in the development zone; support investment in research and development of new products, subsidies for the first project fee, IP direct purchase costs; reward according to the annual operating income growth; the total amount paid 200 million yuan of "innovation vouchers", support enterprises to use the integrated circuit to obtain public service platform; national plans or projects, given to supporting aid; the first use of the IC product, reward the IC enterprise product sales.
Four is to increase the introduction of training, to provide personnel support. Special assessment standard integrated circuit of high-end talent, issued the enterprise high level talents; training of enterprise certificate "introduction of leading talent reward; encourage the integrated circuit industry related to the shortage of professional graduates to the development zone integrated circuit enterprises, to provide housing rental subsidies; support training base for Scientific Research Institute of integrated circuit enterprises at home and abroad focus colleges and universities, the field of microelectronics and build personnel, delivery of outstanding professional application talents.


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