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Samsung foundry future bleak do not want to do

Not long ago, from Taiwan media reported that the consumer electronics giant Samsung, "a lot of investment" is actively seeking OLED business, but because the business is too important, "will squeeze other business capital spending, especially in the foundry industry". For those who are not familiar with the Samsung electronic business structure, more or less should have heard of Samsung's OLED screen, a lot of smart phones and consumer electronics devices have adopted. As for the "OEM business", which is part of the chip manufacturing business, chip design is not operating manufacturing company, can through the signing of the contract to be responsible for the mass production of Apple's A9 and Samsung, paid by Samsung foundry.
The industry believes that Samsung will focus on the pressure on the OLED display business, the purpose is to advance the field of technology in the field of the loss of TSMC chip manufacturing business to move back. Because there are rumors that Qualcomm is planning to own 10 nanometer chips to TSMC responsible for production". Earlier reports that Qualcomm to 7 nanometer sooner or later will return the order to tsmc.
So, Samsung's chip foundry business bleak future? Is there any other reason?
Business reality decisions
Although Samsung's chip foundry business has a certain marketing power, but not particularly successful. The first Samsung aimed at large customers apple, and put the A8 chip will be Apple's only partner. However, Samsung was shut out at the last minute, TSMC won all orders. It is interesting that Apple released the Samsung A9 chip is a part of the order, however, the latest release of the A10 chip, once again completely by TSMC responsible for the production, without any orders samsung.
In addition, according to the Economic Daily News from the Japanese media reports, Apple launched next year A11 chip, still by TSMC exclusively responsible for OEM, will help TSMC 10 nanometer process to expand market share. So, Samsung made a bearish "chip foundry business decision, does not seem to be no reason, no A chip orders if Apple, Qualcomm in the 7 nm node also give Samsung, why should a significant investment in R & D?
On the contrary, Samsung focus shifted to a OLED display business, no doubt equivalent to enter another broader market. The demand of the intelligent mobile phone and other consumer electronic devices on the OLED display is climbing, even apple is expected to OLED panel is used for the first time in the 2017 release of the new iPhone. As the world's largest manufacturer of display panels, Samsung continues to invest in familiar areas, due to the development of new technologies and expand production capacity, continue to maintain a strong competitive advantage is not a problem.
Changes in the layout of the semiconductor industry
Samsung suddenly reduced investment in the foundry business, the recent and medium term is certainly positive for tsmc. In the semiconductor industry, with leading technology in competitors too little, TSMC TV can hike. The last quarter of its gross profit margin of up to 51.5%, then rose to more than 52% easy.
However, the reason is that in the near and medium term, because in the cutting-edge chip manufacturing, PC chip giant Intel is also involved in the intervention will likely fill the gaps left by samsung. Taking into account the Intel has just opened the door of the foundry business, the future of the results, only time can prove.

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