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SK Hynix 12 inch wafer fab starts worldwide for Sixth

SK Hynix (SK Hynix) plans to launch CMOS image sensor (CIS) on the 12 inch wafer factory in Lichuan, South Korea, the issue of concern outside the world of M10. Analysts pointed out that the SK will be able to strengthen their own CIS competitiveness of the industry, and is expected to be in the current market is changing the sweetness.
South Korean media ETNews reported that SK Hynix this represents a desire to formally challenge the non memory market ambitions. During this period, SK Hynix constantly distressed, in Lichuan, 12 inches of new plant M14 after the start, how to use the M10 factory. Because if the M10 DRAM production is transferred to M14, the M10 line will be idle. Although SK Hynix has said, M10 may be used for research and development or into non memory production line, but never mentioned a detailed plan.
If you want to start the 12 inch wafer fab, you have to invest a lot of money. If it is developed or take customer orders, the cost will be very wrong. In addition, the production line is also required to put a very high cost, so once started can not stop.
However, if from the strengthening of CIS's business competitiveness, if want to profit in more than 13 million pixel pixel products, can only use 12 inch wafer. This is also the reason for the SK Hynix determined to put into production CIS. If you started producing CIS in M10, is located in South Korea Cheongju 8 inch Fab human will move.
In addition, after the start of the production of 12 inch wafer fab, SK Hynix CIS revenue can also become one of the outside world to jump. South Korean industry pointed out that SK Hynix 2015 CIS revenue of about 350 billion won, accounting for less than the proportion of the overall revenue of $2%. But if the 12 inch wafer factory production of high price 13 million pixels CIS, and successfully obtain customer orders, is expected to can increase revenue. At present, SK Hynix has to Samsung Electronics (Samsung Electronics), HUAWEI, ZTE and LG (LG Electronics) supply more than 8 million pixel level CIS. As long as we can ensure product quality, is expected to be able to successfully expand the cause of CIS.
Finally, the change in the industry has become the opportunity to SK hynix. Sony, Samsung third, four CIS industry Howare Technology (OmniVision) and Aptina of the mainland capital and A Morimi (ON Semiconductor) merger. If there is a problem with the ability of the organization to change the business or customer support, SK is expected to achieve the benefits of reflection.

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